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Angel Care Film wax Amethyst drops
Sugar paste Angel Care Ultra soft 700 gr
Sugar paste Angel Care Ultra soft summer edition 700 gr
WELCOME TO THE wonderful world of ANGEL CARE!
ANGEL CARE this is the place for beauty inspiration, experiments and a never-ending variety of products to please even the most demanding taste. More than 340 million users from different countries annually purchase over 50 million of goods on our website. We let our clients be capricious and peaky, but we always try our best to satisfy them.
ANGEL CARE already works in 24 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Each of them accepted our beauty retail, allowing European citizens to enjoy an individual approach, high-quality products and quick delivery. There should be no boundaries and barriers for beauty, so every day we actively develop and expand the horizons of ANGEL CARE. We create a unique beauty universe.
Unique Collections
You can buy Angel Care professional cosmetics for sugaring and waxing on our website.
Different types and volumes of sugar paste, wax and cosmetics. We always have 6 densities of sugar paste available, Bandage, Ultra soft, Soft, Medium, Hard, Hard plus, each craftsman will find the best density of sugar paste for work and will be able to choose the volume he needs. The most economical Angel Care sugar paste in work is available in 3 types of volumes: 400 grams, 700 grams, 1500 grams. The best price for sugar paste in a jar of 1500 grams.
Angel Care also produces premium quality film wax in Italy and there are 5 types of wax cartridges / cassettes in the line: aloe vera, bi-talco, lavanda, perla oro blu, limone and wax in granules, as well as film wax in disks 5 types and in different volumes and packages. Angel Care introduced convenient packaging of wax in granules and discs in tubes, jars and bags of 500 and 1000 grams. Amethyst, Blue cobalt, Golden sand, Graphite, Black.
In the development and production of the best sugar paste in the world - Angel Care, advanced technologies and only natural ingredients are used. Film wax from Angel Care is an advanced and completely hypoallergenic method of depilation. You can always count on using Angel Care professional products, the client will be most satisfied with the procedure and its result, and the master will make a minimum of effort and get maximum pleasure from working with excellent products from Angel Care.
Sugaring and waxing are the safest methods of removing unwanted hair, unlike laser hair removal.
Angel Care sugar paste is as flexible as possible and does not clog, and for hot and incredibly humid conditions, we have a "summer edition" series that does not flow at all and works out all depilation zones the first time.
Hot film wax from Angel Care has a melting point of 38-40 degrees, which practically corresponds to body temperature and cannot burn the client's skin, and also has maximum plasticity and elasticity, which allows you to apply a small amount of wax to a large area and thereby reduce material consumption , for the lowest possible cost of the procedure.
There is a new opportunity now for beauty artists to experiment and improvise with the help of ANGEL CARE’S broad range of products that constantly grows and helps to make the most daring ideas come to life.
Our Company gives exclusive conditions for:
  • Depilation masters and cosmetologists
  • Beauty salons
  • Salon supply centers
  • Online stores.
You can always buy goods in bulk, at the best prices in 24 countries for premium quality European products.