Articles from Angel Care:
1. My first time
Nowadays, waxing has become a popular service offered in beauty salons and spas. Many people opt for waxing for permanent hair removal in various areas of the body, such as the eyebrows, upper lip, armpits, or some more intimate areas. However, for those who have never waxed (or had a bad experience once), this procedure can seem a little intimidating. If you're thinking about trying waxing, then...
2. History of sugaring
Many may think that depilation is a relatively recent invention, but in fact, depilation has a long history. So where does such a wonderful procedure, which in our time does not lose popularity, take its roots? The history of sugaring is very interesting due to the references to the procedure in old manuscripts, which say that ...
3. Ingrown hair. What to do?
Depilation for a modern woman, as well as for men, has long become a mandatory procedure - we do it all year round, because it is relevant both in winter and in summer. In pursuit of smooth skin, we often get an accompanying unpleasant bonus in the form of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair is a rather unpleasant problem that many girls face. Ingrown hair often...
4. How to choose the density of the paste
Before you buy sugaring paste and get to work, you need to choose the right density, especially for beginners and for home use. Since an incorrectly chosen density can spoil the impression of this wonderful procedure as a whole. Which type of depilatory paste to choose depends on ...
5. Myths about depilation
Surely in the modern world there is no girl who has not heard of waxing or sugaring, moreover, a very large percentage who use these services regularly. Those who have not yet tried depilation with sugar paste or wax often ...
6. What is needed for the depilation procedure?
First of all, you need to understand that the procedure requires not only wax or sugar paste, but also cosmetics
7. Laser hair removal and the “pitfalls” of a super popular service.
Despite the fact that today laser hair removal is a super popular service in beauty salons, which has many advantages, it is worth looking at this procedure from the other side. So, why is laser hair removal potentially harmful?
8. Alginate masks
Angel Care brand has five types of alginate masks, as well as an exclusive and unique bikini mask
9. Home care products from ТМ Angel Care Read more..
In this article, we will talk about home care products that clients can apply at home on their own, and also these products can be used by the master in the salon as an additional procedure.