Ltusplus ltd is a reseller from ТМ Angel Care is a manufacturer of cosmetics for sugar depilation, for professional use. Modern scientific developments, advanced production technologies and the use of natural ingredients make our products the most effective and easy to use.
Ltusplus ltd is a multifunctional company that has been operating since 2023. The store now has a presence in many European countries and plans to expand the business into other territories. Buyers love our online shop because we carefully follow trends and constantly add current products from well-known brands to the website.
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Ltusplus ltd provides a high level of service and enjoyable prices, which are often lower than the market prices. Because we work directly with our suppliers, we can suggest discounts and special offers to our customers. Also, real people provide testimonials for many of the products. It allows you to quickly and accurately choose the perfect solution for yourself, find a gift or a professional tool for work.
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